About Debi Shackowsky

About Debi Shackowsky

Debi grew up in a civic-minded family, with her parents actively involved in local Lions and Kiwanis Clubs. From a young age, she developed a passion for service and giving back to others. In high school, she participated in a project that involved giving, which sparked her lifelong commitment to helping others.

One of Debi's earliest volunteer experiences was with the Health Rehabilitative Services (HRS) annual Christmas Toy Shop. She started volunteering at the age of 15 and  hascontinued to do so. As time went on, she even involved her own children in volunteering.

 In the late 1970s, Debi played a significant role as one of the founding Board of Directors for Seminole Mall's Teen Boards. Through this position, she organized annual fashion shows, pageants, and other events that provided opportunities for young women to earn college scholarships.

Later on, Debi's dedication to advocacy led her to become the President of the Pinellas County Chapter of Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (CH.A.D.D.). She worked closely with the CH.A.D.D. National Board of Directors and served as a guest speaker at their National Conferences. She was also nominated as one of the first legislative delegates for the State of Florida, where she actively worked to amend the Handicapped Act to include other health-impaired conditions.

During this time, Debi instilled in her children the importance of freedom of speech and lobbying. Together, they traveled to Washington DC to participate in marches and meet with senators and congressmen to advocate for their cause.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Debi's leadership skills were recognized when she was elected as the President of the Pinellas County School Board Department of Exceptional Services (DEES). She was later nominated as a parent liaison for children with special needs within the State of Florida by the Department and Bureau for Exceptional Education Services (BEES).

Debi remains steadfast in her belief that advocating for others, especially women, children, minorities, the disabled, and the economically disadvantaged, is her calling. This desire led her to create Marjorie's Hope which houses several programs that help Pasco County School students and personnel. These initiatives have grown and continue to provide much-needed school supplies and clothing to families in need.