History of Marjorie's Hope


Marjorie's Hope has been assisting students in need for over two decades. In the early years, donations mainly consisted of crayons, glue sticks, pencils, and other school supplies. However, in 2008, the organization began donating backpacks stuffed with school supplies. Year by year, the number of backpacks donated increased with the help of volunteers and partnerships with organizations like Target Superstore.

In 2012, the first Bunco for Backpacks fundraising event was held, raising $1,200 and allowing for the donation of 169 backpacks. The event grew in popularity and moved to Seven Springs Golf and Country Club in 2013, raising almost $8,000 and donating 446 backpacks. Thanks to partnerships with companies like 3M Corporation and Prismacolor, the following years were even more successful. In 2023, the organization exceeded its goal of 5,000 backpack donations filled with school supplies sent to various Pasco County schools.

 Marjorie's Hope has also expanded its programs and initiatives over the years. In 2015, they obtained nonprofit status and continued to grow their impact. They opened the Kids Closet, established the Marjorie's Hope Scholarship funded by the Kathy Steiniger Memorial Family Foundation, and opened the Pasco County School Employee boutique. In 2021 they adopted the Cinderella Project, adding tuxes, suits, ties, and shoes to the program so that no student would be left out.

To generate revenue for their programs, Marjorie's Hope organizes various events like Bunco, Bingo, and Celebrity Waiters. It's truly inspiring to see their dedication and impact in helping students in need within the community.