Supporters of Marjorie's Hope

Marjorie's Hope wishes to thank our sponsors and donors for their support and sharing our vision to help children in need living within our community.

African American Club (AAC) of NPR

Borders, Mary Cullum

Cafiero, Lou and Yvonne
Christo's restaurant - Trinity Plaza

Ciske,Tammy Storm (Repeat the Chic Consignor Events)

Contreras, Rocky (Knowledge Points)

Cook, Angel

Cooley, Duggan (Executive Director - United way Pasco)

Dafniotis, Effie

D'Agostino, Jenine

Dawson, Debbie (Its Your Home Community Magazine)

DeLuca, Joanna

Digital Lightbridge Staff 

Dipoto-Brahmbhatt, Angela
Family Dollar Store

Gardner, Angie

Getty, Joe and Pat
Gibson, Angela

Gillis, John (Friendly Kia Dealership)

Grace, Erika (Congressman Bilirakis Office)
Greitzer, Jason and Jennifer (Southern Hospitality Landscaping)

Jensen, Steve and Rita and Family

Junior Service League (JSL) of NPR

Lakeview Denistry

Maser, Esmeralda

McAnn, Wendi (Seven Springs Golf and County Club)

McCormick, Caroline (George's Wholesale tires)

Meeks, Jessica (Hudson High School AP)

Mesec, Stephanie
Morrison, Lori (BOD Member)
O'Brien, Rick (Data Solutions)
Padden, Judy

Pfeiffer, Cindy (Attorney at law)

Pontilitz, Stefanie

Richardson, Greg (Capstone Insurance)

Seese, Jarred and Amy and Family

Schneider, Heath and Dawn (5th Avenue Entertainment)
Schuerman, Michael
Springer, Theresa

Slaton, Jim and Doris

Stafstrom, Robin

Stanjeski, Jennifer

Steiniger, Dr. Joseph and Family

Stevenson, Darryl and Latrisha and Family

Sonsalla, Jim

Target Team Members from Store #2209 (Suncoast)

Underwood, Becca
Venezia, Daniel

Wright, G. David (Photographer)

XCel Gym.