Marjorie's Hope is an amazing organization that I enjoy volunteering for. I love to assist shoppers and see them glow when an outfit come together for them. 85% of my school wardrobe is from MH and I always get compliments. The backpack program has helped so many students and families, and volunteering for that program is a lot of fun. this year my son almost didn't go to his senior prom but through the Cinderella Project, he got an amazing suit and shoes that he also used for his first job interview. I love helping teachers and IA's shop for school supplies at the Teacher's Store. They're always appreciative. Seeing their smiles is priceless. I'm so thankful to Debi and all the many people that have put countless hours into all the wonderful programs that happen becasue of Marjorie's Hope. 
~Catherine Pinteralli

Ever since I heard about Marjorie’s Hope I’ve come every year for homecoming dresses and this year, a prom dress. This organization helped me afford a prom dress for absolutely free!! The people there were so nice and helped me pick out the perfect dress for me ???????? I will continue volunteering there and always look for new dresses that I feel confident in!!!!
 ~ Madison
A couple of years ago, my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went through a year and a half of chemotherapy treatments. The medical bills were astronomical and our family quietly struggled financially. It was time for back to school shopping and generous family members and friends helped us provide for our children. A friend sent me a message sharing the flyer for Marjorie’s Hope and encouraged me to go to the shopping event. I went not really knowing what to expect and was truly blessed. Volunteers helped suggest items for me and found matching accessories. It was truly a wonderful experience that touched my heart. I will forever be grateful.


Marjorie's Hope played a BIG role in my recovery journey! When I sought treatment for my addiction I started off with NOTHING. They helped provide me clothes for work and assisted in giving me the opportunity to volunteer, which helped my self-esteem and self-worth. When I was ready to have my son back full time they helped me clothe him, provided me with everything he needed for school, and even helped out with a few extras. I was living paycheck to paycheck trying to better our life and their assistance helped me to focus on getting healthy again and building a relationship with my son vs having to stress about basic necessities. Recovering from addiction is HARD. But having a resource like MH helps curb the feeling of hopelessness when you are struggling to pull your life back together. I'll forever be grateful to them for contributing to the wonderful life I have today!

~Brittany V.


Marjorie’s Hope goes above and beyond for the community. As as a teacher, there are many items I need to purchase every year. I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year out of pocket to meet the needs of my students. Marjorie’s Hope opened a clothing boutique and supply boutique for teachers to shop for FREE. It really helps to offset out of pocket expenses. It warms my heart to see how they take care of us! I get so excited to shop in the boutique! Thank you for all you do for teachers!

~Jackie Giresi Pacimeo


 My first opportunity to volunteer with MH was at the backpack event several years ago. I was so impressed with how organized the event was that I knew I had to get involved with this organization. Very shortly after the backpack event, they opened a boutique for Pasco County Educators to shop for clothing and accessories absolutely free. I volunteered days and was then asked to be project manager. I am proud to have been able to support that project for four years. Marjorie's Hope has always had the students and educators of Pasco County as their highest priority. I'm honored to be able to continue to volunteer with their many projects. Debi is unstoppable and has taught me so much.
~Ann Flanzzbaum


Debi Shackowsky is an amazing woman. She has advocated for children in Pasco and Pinellas county for many years. Every year, Debi has given her time, own money, and dedication to providing backpacks that contain all school supplies for needy students. Debi has been able to network with many businesses in the community to assist with her efforts, as well as many kind hearted people in the community wanting to help a wonderful cause.

She is hoping to become a referral resource entity for the schools to further help families in need. I feel she is an always giving individual and appreciate her for all her hard work!

~Jennie Wolf

From the very first time I met Debi, I knew something was very special about her. She has such a heart for others and gives of herself selflessly. She knows one person can make a difference and she doesn’t let anything or anyone get in her way of proving just that. Debi has a natural gift of networking, bringing together people and resources. She is a doer.The first time I was in her office, I was telling her about a fund raiser I was working on and how I was getting little to no support from the others on my committee. I shared how we were running behind in areas such as collecting items for the silent auction. A week later when I came in, she had collected 3 beautiful baskets to donate for the silent auction. This impressed me so much because that was more than most had done who had signed up to help with this. I was blown away that she would do this! The fact that she paid attention to my whining and complaining was enough for me. Not for her though, she took it to the next level and asked for the donations and contributed to the success of our event. Wow!! is how I have to describe her because I am truly wowed by her. I knew from that moment I would have her as a life long friend. I am lucky and blessed to know her!~Angie Gardner, Vice President Wells Fargo Business Banking Senior Relationship Manager


The orchestration of a meal program for me and my family during my initial diagnosis of Leukemia was nothing shy of fantastic!!! I really did not think that I was in need of anything and had everything under control....how wrong I was! A wonderful, daily meal provided such a relief to both my husband and I. The children were always fed and there was often extra food for the next days lunches! Lack of strength and stamina were things I never thought I would associate with myself, but they came out of nowhere. Your dedication to my family was extremely overwhelming and definitely appreciated!!

Please let me know how I can continue your good works in the schools, church and community! Paying it forward is such a wonderful process!!

Thank you for your constant efforts to make others feel better! Your ability to work in the background and quietly help those around you is quite admirable! Our community is very blessed to have such a wonderful person in our midst!!


Carolyn Bowers

Oh Deb, my first reaction was tears as well. In fact they are still flowing. Margie would be so excited, we are all so blessed. You are such an incredible woman Deb. I would like to pay for your filing fee and file your not for profit.I am very excited for you Deb and for all the children and families you will bless in the years to come. You honor all your sisters with this and you honor God. You are awesome woman. And you are loved!